Committing to Communities

Businesses can deliver sustainable returns over the long term only if there is a thriving and productive economy, a just and inclusive society, and a clean and healthy environment.

We have 17 non - profit philanthropic endowments, gifted over the years, to focus on different aspects of building people, building communities, building capabilities and rebuilding lives. To date, these endowments have touched over 500,000 lives across Asia and in Singapore.

In September 2016, we regrouped our endowments under six Temasek Foundations, to better plan and deliver community programmes under their respective mandates, amidst a rapidly changing world. Temasek Foundation Management Services was established for economies of scale, pulling together resources to enhance capacity and capabilities, in support of the non - profit Foundations.

Temasek Trust continues to focus on the financial management of the endowment gifts, to ensure their prudent and sustainable distributions to their respective Foundations. It also strives to foster thoughtful governance in the non - profit, philanthropic world.

Ageing populations, climate change, resource scarcity, income inequality and poverty are but some examples of the known challenges and opportunities ahead. For instance, the Business and Sustainable Development Commission report, Better Business, Better World, released in Davos this year, estimates up to US$12 trillion worth of economic opportunities and 380 million new jobs, in meeting the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Our Foundations have championed various public good causes, including sustainability and innovative solutions to improve liveability and mitigate climate threats.

For example, after the 2004 Aceh Tsunami, the Temasek Rice was selectively bred by Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory (TLL), in partnership with farmers and Syiah Kuala University in Aceh, to be stress - tolerant and survive during severe floods. This helps provide small coastal farmers a more secure livelihood, while offering fragrant fluffy brown rice for consumers. This premium rice can now be bought in Singapore.

Ageing populations, climate change, resource scarcity, and poverty are examples of challenges and opportunities.

Temasek Philantrophic Platform

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Financial Oversight and Governance

The Temasek Trust Board of Trustees comprises Chairman S Dhanabalan, Euleen Goh and Ng Kee Choe.

The Trust oversees the financial management and sustainable disbursements of Temasek’s endowment gifts to the six Foundations, based on prudent sustainability and sound governance.

The Trust also serves as a convener of philanthropic ideas and best practices, an advocate of corporate giving, and a catalyst for enhancing capabilities.

Now 10 years old, Temasek Trust has its role broadened to include thought leadership on philanthropy.

Temasek Foundations

Temasek Foundation International

Temasek Foundation International partners Singapore and international organisations to fund and support capability building programmes in Asia. These programmes focus on healthcare, education, public administration, urban management and disaster response. Since May 2007, the Foundation has supported 347 programmes in 21 countries across Asia.

Temasek Foundation Cares

Temasek Foundation Cares focuses on improving the lives of underprivileged individuals, families and communities in Singapore. They include the elderly, those needing palliative care and people with special needs. The Foundation has supported 118 programmes, which have directly benefited more than 38,000 lives since 2009.

Temasek Foundation Connects

Temasek Foundation Connects supports programmes that build bridges and partnerships, and promote dialogue and mutual understanding across international communities. The Foundation manages the Singapore Summit – an international forum that gathers business and thought leaders, to share perspectives on issues that impact growth, prosperity and stability.

Temasek Foundation Nurtures

Temasek Foundation Nurtures aims to nurture the young. It supports education and professional development, especially for youth – such as the School of the Arts and Singapore Sports School students – to make the leap in music, arts, sports, mathematics and science, engineering and technology.

Temasek Foundation Innovates

Temasek Foundation Innovates sponsors solutions - based research and innovation. It manages two endowments – Singapore Millennium Foundation and a science, technology, engineering and mathematics endowment which supports Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory, a biomolecular research institute.

Temasek Foundation Ecosperity

Temasek Foundation Ecosperity supports programmes that champion sustainability and innovative solutions to improve liveability and build our ABC World. It encourages innovation and entrepreneurship, and promotes best practices and standards for sustainable development.

Management Services, Knowledge Sharing