Investor, Institution, Steward

Born scarcely a decade into Singapore’s independence, we had no blueprint except for the Singapore DNA of integrity and courage.

We grew with a transforming Singapore, ventured abroad in an ascendant Asia, and tapped into emerging global trends.

We constantly reinvent ourselves to remain relevant. Agility, Alignment and Accountability are our watchwords in the new world of disruptive technologies, uncertain geopolitics, and shifting economic powers.

We treasure the solid foundation laid by pioneers before us, in and outside of Temasek. Our culture of ownership shapes our institution. Our people are the bedrock of our Temasek values. Our purpose and passion give us courage to embrace the future and its endless possibilities.

Doing the right things today with tomorrow in mind, we strive for an ABC World – an Active Economy for jobs and opportunities; a Beautiful Society of peace and inclusion; and a Clean Earth as our common home.

Forty-three years on, we remain true to our DNA, our roots, our core – as an active Investor, a forward looking Institution, and a trusted Steward.