A Forward Looking Institution

We are an investor, institution and steward, guided by the principles of good governance and sustainability.

At Temasek, as we do things today, we seek to make a difference, not just for today but for tomorrow; not just for our present generation but also for generations to come.

Our MERITT values underpin our actions – how we do things is as important as what we do and why. We believe in meritocracy. We strive for excellence, respect others, and act with integrity. Teamwork and trust complete our values set. Even as we build our institution, we also develop and build our people in terms of professional competencies and personal growth for their future.

As a responsible investor, we are committed to delivering sustainable value over the long term. The generation of sustainable returns over the long term depends on stable, well-functioning and well-governed social, environmental and economic systems. We consider environmental, social and governance factors when we make decisions as an investor, asset owner and shareholder. We work to understand the impact of our portfolio companies. We encourage companies to adopt responsible and sustainable practices in their businesses, operations and supply chains.

We encourage companies to adopt responsible and sustainable practices in their businesses, operations and supply chains.

As a disciplined investor, we believe that dialogue and robust exchanges of information, best practices and ideas between stakeholders from the public and private sectors are critical enablers of sustainable growth.

We seek sustainable solutions, and regularly discuss sustainability issues with our stakeholders and partners, to keep abreast of the latest developments. Our annual Ecosperity platform gathers global leaders from the private and public sectors, academia, and non-profit organisations to exchange views and share best practices on sustainable development.

We continue to advocate good governance. We uphold the Santiago Principles for sovereign investments, which we helped shape in 2008 in support of the International Monetary Fund and other international stakeholders.

We look across generations as a steward, investing with tomorrow in mind. Our investments in people in our wider community – through various endowments – focus on building people, building communities, building capabilities and rebuilding lives.